What I can offer

Level up your everyday life with one of my hand forged items. All items are customizable to suit your needs. Sure, something off the rack will do the job. But why just get the job done, if there could be a solution you love so much you can pass it on to your children?

Do you have the feeling that your everyday life is lacking the possibility to forge a legacy? Book a course to give creating a try.

Has the key to your treasure chest broken? Or perhaps a tool needs to be mended? I do repair work.

About me

I am a journeyman blacksmith working from Finland, born in Germany.

Why choose handcrafted products?

  • Handcrafted products are individually made and no two are exactly the same. You always own a unique piece.
  • They are built to last. If parts break they can usually be repaired which makes them more environmentally friendly as well.
  • Investing in a handcrafted item supports the crafts person and you keep the traditions and techniques of this craft alive
  • It can be a reward to yourself to own something which was purposefully made just for you.

If you are interested, just give me a call or write me an e-mail.