Forging with Families

Hammering a piece together with your family is exciting. One has to strike while the iron is hot and be fully present in the moment. To see the glow of the fire reflected in the children's eyes is invaluable.

Having good time at the forge

For families with children of minum 6 years. Families with 1-2 children possible. One adult per child is mandatory. Latest before the course the parents or other legal responsibles have to sign a waiver that they and the children attends the course at their own risk. The courses are inside so they can be a good excursion on rainy days.

If after forging a simple project is still wish and concentration to make another simple project this is usually possible. This increases the coursefee by 50%. The price includes: Taking home your forged pieces, borrowed safety-equipment, a brief introduction into the blacksmith craft, explaination of tools. Explanation of safetyrules in the blacksmith workshop.

Simple projects

Dwarf Keychain

45-60 minutes
1 Child 80,- €
2 Children 95,- €

Horseshoe Pendant

45-60 minutes
1 Child 80,- €
2 Children 95,- €

Spiral wallhook

45-60 minutes
1 Child 80,- €
2 Children 95,- €

Complex projects


60-90 minutes
1 Child 120,- €
2 Children 145,- €

Dog Shoehorn

90 - 120 minutes
1 Child 160,- €
2 Children 190,- €

Forging a Family Heirloom

After you got the first experience as a blacksmith, this course will allow you to create a family heirloom. If you for example always wanted a set of by your family forged fire tools this is your chance. Or how would a set of grilling utensils forged together with the whole family sound? These are only suggestions, the forging project will be adjusted to fit your desire and skill level.

The needed amount of time depends on the individual project. Therefore, it is necessary to plan beforehand. Just contact me so that we can work it out together.


The price depends on the time and material needed to forge the piece. You will get an offer after the initial planning.

Send me an e-mail to book your course.