Forging with Families

Hammering a piece together with your family forges a bond which is hard to create otherwise. One has to strike while the iron is hot and be fully present in the moment. To see the glow of the fire reflected in the children's eyes is invaluable.

Courses for your family

By now, there are two options to choose from. The minimum age for children to participate is 6 years. With younger children, it might be tricky to have forging longer than one hour. The courses are adaptable to this. Just contact me and we will find a way.

Catch Fire (Starter-Level) - About 2h

We will start with a quick show of the workshop and the tools of a blacksmith. Then we will dress up safety equipment, light the forge and forge a simple piece together. I will guide you throughout the whole process.
When this first piece is finished we will take a short break, have a refreshment and reflect on the experiences made.
In the second part, you choose amongst several projects which you want to forge with your children. Depending on how confident you feel, I will either stand beside and give hints or work together with you. If there is a strong desire to forge a certain thing we will see at the moment, what is possible.

The course will end with a cup of coffee or tea and the possibility to talk about the day. You can take with you all the forged pieces and a certificate which shows You have been blacksmithing.


Regular: 120,- € including material, safety equipment, certificate and drinks (tee, coffee, water, blueberry juice)
Early Smith: 20,- € discount on the regular price for bookings placed 3 months ahead.

Send me an e-mail to book your course.

Forging a Family Heirloom - depends on the project

After you got the first experience as a blacksmith, this course will allow you to create a family heirloom. If you for example always wanted a set of by your family forged fire tools this is your chance. Or how would a set of grilling utensils forged together with the whole family sound? These are only suggestions, the forging project will be adjusted to fit your desire and skill level.

The needed amount of time depends on the individual project. Therefore, it is necessary to plan beforehand. Just contact me so that we can work it out together.


The price depends on the time and material needed to forge the piece. You will get an offer after the initial planning.

Send me an e-mail to book your course.