Repair and Restoration

Some time ago, things were made to last over time and with the possibility of being repaired or restored. Instead of trashing an old lock or an old tool, it might be possible to repair it. This is especially true for things which one holds dear. Some items are connected to memories of family, loved ones or friends and with trashing the item the memory might get lost as well.

In other cases, repair might be the choice for cost consideration as well. Chisels are a good example. Worn out chisels can on average be repaired for a fraction of what a new chisel would cost. A side bonus is that the process is more environmentally friendly as well.

If you have something made from metal to repair, just give me a call or write me an e-mail.

Examples of Repairwork

Repairing a Lock

The lock belongs to an old chest. The customer had it for quite a while, but the key has been lost. When he asked me to create a new key, the lock was checked. It showed marks of wear and tear from use. We agreed to that the cracks and other damage is repaired as well.

With the new key made and lock repaired, they were given back to the owner and are now ready to be passed on to his children.

Repairing an Axe

This family heirloom axe was brought to me. After checking the cutting edge and compare it to the drawings in the Billnäs axe catalog, it was clear what to do to restore it. The body was reforged into its original condition and a new cutting edge welded into place. Finally, it was hardened, tempered and the edge reground.

Now it is good for another 100 years of service.